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Scottsdale Spousal Support Attorney


Need a Scottsdale spousal support attorney to help you get fair and adequate alimony? We can help. When you are in the midst of a divorce, one of the issues that are often discussed is how much spousal support will be paid. Whether you are wondering how much you will be required to pay or if your ex-spouse will pay you the right amount, our spousal support lawyer Scottsdale AZ is here to answer all your questions. The amount you pay in form of spousal support will depend on many factors among them the kind of lifestyle you had before the divorce and your current earnings.


What a spousal support attorney Scottsdale AZ can do for you

Our Scottsdale spousal support lawyer specializes in alimony and will help you figure out the amount that you may be given after analyzing your case. We can also assist if you feel like you’re paying your spouse too much alimony. We always strive to mitigate the costs as much as we can. Whether you are looking to pay or receive spousal support, our lawyer will work hand in hand to ensure that the amount is fair and just.


Why hire a spousal support lawyer?

As an ex-spouse, your former spouse may be required to make payments after the divorce. These payments are often called alimony or spousal support. The payments are intended to help you as the spouse to preserve the lifestyle you had enjoyed before the divorce. It is important to understand that no one is guaranteed spousal support. Having our Scottsdale spousal support attorney by your side will help you to get an amount that is fair.


Understanding spousal support laws in Scottsdale

Spousal support was designed to protect spouses who are unable to support themselves after a separation or divorce. The court will consider several factors when assigning alimony including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Employment opportunities of the receiving spouse
  • Education of the receiving spouse
  • Financial capability of the spouse who will be paying alimony

It is important to understand that if the receiving spouse remarries or his/her financial situation changes, the payments from the former spouse may stop. Additionally, the party making spousal payments may also seek modifications in the event of job loss or other events that may affect the amount the individual can pay.

Our Scottsdale spousal support attorney will help in initiating or modification of spousal support arrangements.