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Scottsdale Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys


With divorce rates on the rise, more and more couples are seeking a new kind of insurance plan – Postnuptial Agreement. More than ever, men and women turn to Scottsdale postnuptial agreement attorneys for insight. What these couples are finding out though may surprise you.

When asked, Scottsdale postnuptial agreement lawyers will tell you that this type of post marriage agreement was not valid until recently. It wasn’t until 1969 that the Arizona Supreme Court established guidelines for Scottsdale postnuptial agreement attorneys.

Pre and postnuptial agreements cover a wide range of topics such as property rights and division and debt obligations. These agreements offer couples the opportunity to discuss finances openly and honestly. This type of crash course in communication often benefits couples rather than hinder trust. Postnuptial agreement lawyers in Scottsdale AZ offer valuable, expert counsel to ensure each party is taken care of in the event of divorce.

Postnuptial agreements tend to have a bad reputation. Many think they’re bad for a marriage. But, if you listen to men and women talk about their unsatisfying marriage you will often hear “He just doesn’t listen to me.” Or “I can’t even talk to my wife anymore?” To avoid these rocky types of situations in your marriage reach out to postnuptial agreement attorneys in Scottsdale AZ. He or she will draw up a written contract that outlines each partner’s responsibilities and obligations should the marriage end.

Speaking to Scottsdale postnuptial agreement attorneys and discussing the hard issues that often accompany marriage may actually help your marriage in the long run. Negotiating with your partner early on before any contention leaves little for surprise down the road.

To learn more about postnuptial agreements or other family law issues reach out to an experienced, skilled attorney specialized in family law.