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Scottsdale Grandparent Visitation Attorney


Our Scottsdale grandparent visitation attorney will help safeguard your rights as a grandparent in the event of a family conflict, divorce, separation or any other unfortunate event that makes it difficult to see your grandchildren. There are cases where parents who have separated deny the spouse’s family access to the children. Whatever reasons that may result in alienation of children from their grandparents, our Scottsdale grandparent visitation lawyer is ready to step in and help.


Do grandparents have visitation and custody rights?

As a grandparent, you may apply to the court to prove that it is in the best interests of a child for them to have access to their grandparents. Your grandparent visitation lawyer Scottsdale AZ may use factors such as the emotional ties that exist between you and your grandchild to prove your case. Other factors such as the views and preferences of a child will come to play when deciding whether to give access rights. It is important to understand that every case is unique. A qualified Scottsdale grandparent visitation attorney will ensure that a decision is made in the child’s best interests.


Why you need a lawyer

In many cases, it is not easy for a grandparent to be granted custody or access rights. These rights are only granted under special or extraordinary conditions which the grandparent visitation attorney Scottsdale AZ will help you to determine in court. For instance, a grandparent can be given custody of a child if it is proven that both parents are unfit to raise the child. Grandparents can also be given access rights if they are seen to provide the child with the guidance and education they need. Factors such as a criminal record may affect the custody and adoption case. If you have a criminal record, it’s best to speak to our Scottsdale grandparent visitation attorney to help you discover your options.

We provide sound legal advice and assistance with grandparent’s visitation and custody matters. Whether you need to file for custody or access rights, our lawyers will help you throughout the case.