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Scottsdale Domestic Violence Attorney


If you are experiencing violence within a family or intimate relationship, a qualified Scottsdale domestic violence attorney can be of invaluable help. We have helped individuals experiencing all forms of violence including assault, criminal harassment, breach of court orders and murder. Laws and policies have been written over the years to ensure that the police and prosecutors investigate and prosecute such allegations in full force and according to the law. Our Scottsdale domestic violence lawyer will be there to ensure justice is served.


What happens if you are found guilty of domestic violence?

Penalties for domestic violence are very harsh. In fact, domestic violence is considered a criminal offense. This means that if you are found guilty, the criminal record will impact on your ability to work, travel and you risk losing your immigration status.


Why should you call a domestic violence attorney in Scottsdale AZ?

Domestic violence cases are very serious and should be taken as such. A minor incident such as a small push or an angry comment can be perceived as harassment, a threat or abuse. Police and prosecutors treat such actions as very serious matters. That’s why if you have been involved in any form of domestic violence with your family member, spouse or even a neighbor, you need to contact our Scottsdale domestic violence attorney fast.


What happens if you are arrested?

If you are involved in a domestic violence, it’s important to call a domestic violence lawyer in Scottsdale AZ fast to sort out the mess. Sadly, the police can arrest someone who is alleged to have committed any form of domestic violence without any investigations. The police are required by law to protect victims of domestic violence and that’s why they often rush to arrest when assault or threat allegations are made even before they investigate the complaint fully. Therefore, you may be charged first and only asked questions later. Having a domestic violence attorney by your side will ensure your rights are safeguarded.


Why hire us?

Our attorneys have a high success rate in domestic violence cases. We have helped clients by having their charges dropped without going to trial saving them time and money. Call our Scottsdale domestic violence attorney today to represent you in a domestic violence case.