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Scottsdale Divorce Mediation Attorney


When one in every two marriages end in divorce, the odds are not in everyone’s favor. When facing divorce, you can avoid going to court by retaining a Scottsdale divorce mediation attorney.

A Scottsdale divorce mediation lawyer is skilled in helping you and your spouse reach an amicable agreement. A mediation attorney does not serve the role as your primary attorney so it is wise to retain a divorce lawyer who will represent you and your best interest during the process of mediation. An Scottsdale divorce mediation attorney can, however, reduce emotional and financial strain.

A divorce mediation attorney Scottsdale AZ does not work on your behalf but rather serves as a neutral, third party to help you and your spouse work through conflicts and reach an agreement. The role of a mediator is that of a negotiator.

When couples want an uncontested divorce, many seek out a qualified divorce mediation lawyer Scottsdale AZ. Resolving divorce issues outside of the courtroom saves not only time but money.

Mediation, in many states, is unregulated. What this means for the public is that there is no formal set of guidelines or training to become a mediator. In fact, being an attorney is not necessary. Many individuals choose mediation as a career without a law background. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many non-attorneys make excellent divorce mediators.

What is important when choosing a mediator is finding one that is truly knowledgeable on the issues you need resolving. Neutrality is necessary as is conflict resolution.

Do some research – either online or through asking friends – to find the best match for your situation. Visit their website to learn about their area of expertise and how it relates to your current situation. Telephoning an Scottsdale divorce mediation attorney and asking questions directly is another way to determine a good fit.