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Scottsdale Child Support Attorney


Are you looking for an experienced Scottsdale child support attorney? You’ve come to the right place. We offer knowledgeable child support legal professionals who have a wealth of experience handling similar matters in Scottsdale family courts. Child support arrangements are made to ensure that parents are able to adequately support their children after divorce or separation. Issues like relocation and non-parental custody can make child support cases even more complex. You need a qualified Scottsdale Child support lawyer by your side to help you understand your options in such cases.

We offer a wide range of services to fulfill the different child support needs of our clients. We are well-experienced in:

  • Establishing child support arrangements
  • Amending child support arrangements
  • Enforcing child support obligations


Can you calculate child support payments?

There are a number of factors that will help us to determine how much child support a parent is likely to pay. First, the net income of both parents will have to be determined. You need an Scottsdale child support attorney to help in this because determining net income can be complex especially if the parties are unemployed, self-employed or receive irregular income.

Our child support attorney in Scottsdale AZ will go to great lengths to ensure you arrive at a fair resolution. Sometimes it involves obtaining the necessary documents to establish the party’s net income. We have had numerous successful outcomes in child support cases including those where income is difficult to prove.


Get help to enforce child support

If you are in a situation where a parent has failed to pay child support, we can help you file enforcement actions. We have experience handling child support enforcement cases and contempt actions in the family court. We’ve represented parties that are pursuing child support and those defending against them. In all matters, our child support lawyer in Scottsdale AZ will offer proper legal counsel and ensure you are well aware of the on goings of the case. We understand that this is an emotional and sometimes financially straining moment, that’s why we promise to resolve your case in a timely and efficient manner. Talk to a Scottsdale child support attorney who is best suited to meet your family law needs today.