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Scottsdale Alimony Attorneys


Scottsdale alimony attorneys are often called upon after a divorce to resolve alimony issues. If you are in the midst of a divorce and worried about your alimony settlement, speak to us today. Many of our clients have come to us with questions on whether they qualify for alimony and the amount they are likely to receive. Our Scottsdale alimony lawyers will always review each case and advise the client on the way forward.


Why hire our alimony lawyers?

You need to work with our qualified alimony lawyers in Scottsdale AZ to get a fair and appropriate alimony settlement. We know just how important this matter is to you and offer the best legal counsel in a timely and efficient manner. In fact, alimony settlement can impact your life after the divorce. If you took a break from your career in order to raise kids, having a proper alimony settlement will help you start over without stress and financial hardships after a divorce.


You have a right to fair alimony settlement

Some people believe that it’s never right to fight about money and hence don’t pay attention to alimony matters. However, the money you receive is in the best interests of the child and hence it is important to hire Scottsdale alimony attorneys who will get the best possible financial settlement. In fact, the court will determine custody matters based on factors such as the financial capacity of the parents. Making sure your household is well-provided for will ensure your children don’t suffer and have the sense of security they enjoyed before.


How alimony calculations are made

Our Scottsdale alimony attorneys will advise you based on your unique circumstance. In most cases, alimony or spousal support is calculated based on your lack of assets or inability to provide for basic needs as well as your spouse’s ability to pay. Therefore, our lawyers will strive to demonstrate to the court that you need the money and that your ex-spouse has the resources and is able to pay. The court will also determine your standard of living as a married couple and whether your ex-spouse is able to maintain that standard of living. Having reliable alimony attorneys in Scottsdale AZ by your side will ensure you get a fair settlement.